SENSEROVER Standard Rechargeable Battery

Compact, high-energy-density (HED) lithium polymer battery
1.5-hour battery life at full charge, indulging you in the game
Capacity 5000mAh
Life 1.5-hour

Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)

Regulate charging/overcharging and prevent overcharge/overdischarge,
Measure battery power accurately and display data in the real time
Monitor battery temperature and bring high temperature protection
Charging/overcharging protection
High temperature protection
Real-time power display

High-grade 21700 power battery cell

High quality consistency, high energy density, low internal resistance, fast charging and wide temperature tolerance
Detachable and easy to install
Integrated with system power button

Power on as needed, saving energy and expanding battery life

Product Specifications

Cell type 21700
Unit capacity 5000mAh
Discharging currency 2C
Charging currency 0.5C
Cell number 2
Connection 2S1P
Rated voltage 7.4V
Max. voltage 8.4V
Max. discharging currency 10A
Battery capacity 7.4V/5000mAh、37Wh
Interfaces Charging/discharging outlet, ground, I2C
PCBA BMS, Power switch, light control
Power indicators 4 LEDs, green