Navatics MITO

4K Underwater Drone

Sleek, compact body with professional-grade stabilization technology

For a steady shot, anytime, anywhere

Built-in Active Stabilization Technology

45° Adjustable Tilt Lock

4k Recording/ 1080p Wireless Streaming

Integrated Color Correction Function

4-hour Swappable Battery

500m Wireless Remote Control & Image Transfer
Navatics MITO
Captures perfectly stabilized underwater photos & video
wherever adventure takes you

Stabilized, color-corrected shots on the move

Stabilization algorithms & adjustable 45° tilt lock
function help focusing on every underwater experience

4K crystal clear recording

Designed for killer stills underwater, the 4K camera with
integrated color correction captures each moment in vivid, true-to-life color

Wireless live streaming

Enjoy livestream through a SENSETOUCH remote control, up to 500m away
from a waterproof buoy built with SENSEPLAY wireless transmission system

4-hour swappable battery

With Navatics MITO’s easy-to-change battery,
no longer worrying about running out of juice. Your explorations are limitless


Take you to a deeper level of oceanic wonder
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